Tapping Into Vermont Local Knowledge

Firstly, Local Knowledge is a blog about Vermont.  Consequently, Edie and I become Vermont matchmakers.   That is to say, we try to match whatever interest our guests may have with an appropriate activity or attraction.  For instance, maybe it’s a museum, a hike, a cycling route, or a scenic drive.  On the other hand, perhaps its a swimming hole, a shopping opportunity, a local artisanal cheese maker, or a sugar house.  Moreover, possibly its a historic site, a restaurant, or any countless number of other things of interest about Vermont.

Time spent exploring Vermont is never wasted.

As an aid in this endeavor, as well as a resource for the curious, we continually memorialize all manner of odd, interesting, or quirky little known tidbits to enhance your stay with us and exploration of Vermont Local Knowledge.  In order to make browsing the Vermont Local Knowledge contents more user-friendly, scroll through the various categories to see what posts they contain. Then, click on a category heading link to bring up just that category’s posts, or click on a post to bring up just that post. Above all, have fun.

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