is Granite curbs are common in Vermont.New England in general, and Vermont in particular, is known for its rocky soil.  Vermont has thousands of miles of stone walls.  Early American farmers piled up stones while clearing their fields. The walls remain as a testament to this work.  Such walls mark the western and northern property lines here at the October Country Inn.  In addition to stone walls, the quarrying of Vermont’s extensive marble and granite deposits supplied regional stoneworkers for centuries. It and still supply them today.  Consequently, there is a lot of really beautiful stonework in the neighborhood

Vermont has a lot of granite.

Slabs of cut granite line up in a stone yard.

Used granite curbs waiting to be repurposed.

A common use for granite, often overlooked, is for street curbing.  Not usually seen in the western and central U.S., granite curbing predates the use of cast concrete, the most commonly used material.  Although initially more expensive than cast concrete, granite lasts many times longer.  Granite curbs don’t wear out.  Granite is recycled when removed to reconfigure a street or for some other reason. Used curbing is in high demand for use as stone steps, decks, pathways, or other landscaping features.  Among industry experts, granite curbing is superior to cast concrete in strength, abrasive resistance, durability, cost of maintenance, reusability, and aesthetics.

Granite is the best choice for every application.

Although granite is the best choice for virtually every curbing Cut granitee is often used in place of concrete.application, over the past 25 years there has been a significant increase in the use of cast concrete curbing due entirely to an assumption that granite curbing is expensive relative to concrete. However, research studies show that granite is the superior choice.   Especially when calculating long-term costs of maintenance, repair, and disposal or resetting expenses along with initial costs.

Stone looks better.

Street curbs in Washington D.C. are made of granite instead of cast concrete for this reason.  There are plenty of things to gripe about when it comes to the federal government.  But at least they made the right choice when it came to curbs.  It’s not just money or longevity that justifies the use of granite.  Stone just looks better.  Washington D.C.’s street curbs should be as stately as the rest of its grand exterior.