Visiting Woodstock Village? October Country Inn is a better Woodstock lodging option.

A view of Woodstock Village.

We are often puzzled that on some certain weekend all the inns in Woodstock seem to be completely booked, and yet, Woodstock lodging is better at the October Country Inn but we are not full.  It must be because word hasn’t yet gotten around.

We want to blow our own horn.

Not that Woodstock isn’t worthy of such attention, it’s a charming small New England village. There are good restaurants, sidewalk cafes, and plenty of shops and galleries all within walking distance from any of several inns that are located within the village. But then what? After you’ve spent a half-day wandering the village, you will want more; and more is available, but it’s all outside of Woodstock village. It requires getting in your car and driving to one or another of the many, many points of interest in the greater Woodstock Killington area.

Woodstock lodging is better at the October Country Inn.

October Country Inn provides lodging for the Woodstock area.

Woodstock lodging is better at the October Counry Inn. Vermont’s best kept secret.

At this point, staying at an inn within the Village has lost its home field advantage. You’ve already exhausted all that’s within walking distance. So, instead of staying in Woodstock, why not meet Chuck and Edie, and stay at the October Country Inn in Bridgewater Corners because it’s a better Woodstock lodging option.   We’re in the town of Bridgewater, but the Woodstock town line is in the middle of Bridgewater. The October Country Inn is slightly more than one mile outside of Woodstock’s town line.

Truth be told, we know the answer. It’s because you didn’t know about us. You are not in on the best kept secret in the greater Woodstock area. It’s not your fault. The system is set up to key on location, and Woodstock has become a name destination. You would have to be some kind of black-belt, travel master to be able to pierce the online search-engine veil of mystery to get a complete view of the area you are interested in visiting.

The internet is a complex enterprise.

Bridgewater Corners Country Store near Woodstock

Bridgewater Corners Country Store.

This is the point of this posting. Although you might argue that because this post appears on the October Country Inn blog, anybody reading it would already be in on that best kept secret. However, the internet is a complex enterprise. Perhaps this post is like the ripples of water from a small pebble that spread across an enormous lake. In any case consider yourselves let in on the best kept secret in the greater Woodstock area. Stay at the October Country Inn. It’s a better Woodstock lodging option.

Check our online reviews.

Check our reviews on Trip Advisor, Google, or Yelp. Woodstock is fine, but Bridgewater Corners’ October Country Inn is sublime. It’s still as close to everything outside the Village, closer to all that the Killington area has to offer, and is outside the Route 4 traffic corridor and all that goes along with it. It’s quiet here. We’re in the country, we have a swimming pool set on a tranquil hill overlooking the Green Mountains, the Longtrail Brewery is across the street, and the Bridgewater Corners Country Store, to serve any of a multitude of personal needs that may arise, is within walking distance.