Lone woman practices figure skating.Edie and I are pretty familiar with ice in all its varied forms about this time of year.  We left sunny southern California in 2001 to move the Woodstock, Killington corner of Vermont and buy the October Country Inn.  We wondered what a Vermont winter was going to be like .  Winter where we grew up wasn’t much different that any other time of year except that the days were shorter.  One day, I asked a neighbor what to expect from a Vermont winter. He shrugged his shoulders. “Find something to do, you can’t hide from it.”  We think this is good advice.

Union Arena is nearby.

Local hockey players compete.Fortunately,  nearby Woodstock has a great resource for winter activities, the Union Arena.  Built on the Woodstock High School grounds in 2003 to fulfill a community need for a place to play indoor ice hockey,  it has since evolved into much more.  Besides ice hockey, the Union Arena is open to the public in the winter months for recreational ice skating, figure skating, and curling.

It’s next to Woodstock High School.

Curling teams compete.The Union Arena is a great resource for the Woodstock and Killington communities.  Even though the Union Arena is located on the Woodstock High School grounds, it wasn’t built nor is it operated with public funds.  It was built with privately donated funds, and is operated as a non-profit organization. The Union Arena operates year-round, offering non-ice platforms for non-winter events and activities, and is available to rent for special events.

Curling is catching on.

So if you should be staying at the October Country Inn sometime this winter (we’d love to meet you), or anywhere in the Woodstock to Killington area, and looking for something to do, check out the Union Arena.  They just might be offering a curling or ice hockey clinic, or figure skating lessons.  Or, lace up a pair of ice skates and get into the Vermont winter spirit.