tubeing on the White River.Summer at the October Country Inn is all about natural surroundings. What better way to enjoy nature than to cool off on a hot summer day with a dip in our  pool, a lake, or river tubing? Nothing feels as good as a dip in clear, clean water! Vermont’s natural bodies of water & flowing rivers & streams have some of the cleanest, clearest water you’ll find. It’s cool, refreshing & A floating group of tubers.thoroughly enjoyable. And what better way to enjoy Vermont than with an old-fashioned relaxing ride on an inner tube down a local river.

River tubing is a slow, cool journery on a hot day.

Just enough rain has produced excellent tubing conditions–not too deep with the water moving a good speed.  There is also plenty of variety.    In some spots you are just floating along while in Stockbridge yacht club.others you are gently bumping your way through the large smooth river rocks.

Use your own, or rent.

You can bring your own inner tube, or rent one from a local river tubing company.  There are a couple of different tubing rental companies in nearby Stockbridge (known locally as the Stockbridge Yacht Clubs). For a heat-escaping good time, all you need is a little spare time and an inner tube.  Vermont provides the rest.