comples yoga positions on a paddleboardThe end of June is fast approaching, and the weather here at the October Country Inn is as might be expected, warm and moist.  This is the perfect combination for an afternoon’s activity.  It involves getting wet, or at least has the option for a quick dip in a nearby lake.  Usually, canoeing or kayaking is the watercraft of choice for such an adventure.  However, there’s a new game in town–paddleboard yoga.

Rent a paddleboard from First Stop.

Of course, you might opt to bring your own paddlebord if you have one, or rent a paddleboard from First Stop, a local shop, and just cruise around the local lake of your choice.  But if you’re already a yoga enthusiast,  or have always wanted to give it a try, yoga classes are offered by Karen Dalruy at nearby Killington yoga studio.

Join one of Karen’s classes at Woodward Reservoir.

Karen poses with a group of paddleboard yoga students.

Karen poses with a group of paddleboard yoga students.

The best of both worlds can be combined with a session of paddleboard yoga instruction by Karen at Woodward lake.  This would be a good bet for one of those hot, moist Summer days.  Loosen up those blockages, improve your muscle tone, and flop in the cool clear water when the mood strikes you.  What are you waiting for?