crazysideYou don’t start you’re day hungry when you’re a guest at the October Country Inn.  Our breakfasts get you out the door satisfied and ready for your day’s activities.  But, you will be hungry later in the day.  You’re in luck.  Chef Brad’s “Crazy Side” is nearby and he is ready to fix you up and make you happy and satisfied once more.

Where else but in Quekchee, Vermont would you come around a curve on Route 4 as it snakes alongside a river valley and not be surprised to find a neon yellow, Caribbean beach-side style food truck parked next to the Fat Hat Clothing Company.  It all somehow fits.

Raised in Woodstock.

Chef Brad will cook for you.

Chef Brad will cook for you.

Chef Brad is a local boy.  Raised nearby, a Woodstock High School class of ’80 alumnus, he had earned a reputation for the outstanding meals he consistently cranked out over the many years he operated the nearby Corners Inn restaurant.  One day, other adventures called, and he packed up his spatula and knives and took to the road.

Chef Brad is back in town.

Last Summer, he came back.  With the independence and creativity one expects from Vermonters, chef Brad, living in his Volkswagen camper van, negotiated the purchase of a used food truck, and set up shop.  It didn’t take long for word to spread.  Chef Brad is back in town and ready to cook for you.

You won’t be disappointed!

csmenuWhen you’re out and about in this neck of the woods, and your stomach starts speaking to you, you know where to get that itch scratched.  It’s a short drive from Woodstock east a few miles on Route 4 to the “Crazy Side.” Put in your order and Chef Brad will cook for you.