The area in Vermont’s Green Mountains near the October Country Inn is a web of scenic roads, highways, and byways.  One such lesser known network is a snow trail system.  The Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) trails is a magical snow highway that suddenly appears every winter. Many Northeastern states have an equivalent snow trail network.  These networks link together allowing snowmobiles to enjoy interstate travel.  Trails go through back country and snow-covered mountains, secluded valleys and friendly villages. It delivers eye-stopping vistas for its travelers, and conveniently stops right at the October Country Inn’s door.

Vermont’s VAST trails total over 5,000 miles.

October Country Inn's location on the local VAST trail map.

The October Country Inn’s location alongside the VAST trail network.

Since 1967, Vermont has been opening the doors to Winter’s wonders with this remarkable trail system that now totals over 5,000 miles.  These trails provide a wonderful opportunity to snowshoe, cross-country ski, or snowmobile through the woods.  Is snowmobiling is your passion?  Is it an activity you might want to explore?  If so, you can rent a snowmobile, or take a guided tour.  The VAST trail network provides almost limitless opportunity for fun.  If you’re visiting and just want to explore the back-country on snowshoes or cross-country ski’s, the VAST trails provide this opportunity without the worry of getting lost in the woods.

Another way to enjoy a Vermont Winter.

The VAST trails are just another way to enjoy Vermont Winters during the day, and still be close to a relaxing evening while kicking back next to the October Country Inn’s hearth-side woodfire’s warn glow.