In our continuing examination of the many varieties and types of winter activities Vermont has to offer, we at the October Country Inn (check us out) would be remiss without mentioning the obvious–skiing or riding.  If you may be inclined to think that skiing or riding is beyond your capacity, either physically, or economically, you may be suffering from a misconception, and cheating yourself out of having a great winter-time activity.  In relatively recent years, there has been a revolution in ski and snowboard technology, as well as in teaching methods, that greatly reduces the time it takes and difficulty of learning either or both of these activities well enough to safely have a good time.  Since Killington Ski Resort is home mountain to the October Country Inn, and the learn to ski or ride program they offer is the best in the area, as well as an extremely good deal, this is the place to go.

The Discovery Center at Killington’s Snowshed Lodge. Home of the Learn to Ski or Ridge program.

Generally speaking, it takes about three lessons to get to the point where you can navigate a beginner trail on your own with an acceptable level of confidence and control.  Of course, there is no substitute for experience in order to develop the muscle memory that will eventually make this activity completely natural and second nature, but having three lessons under your belt should go a long way toward getting you on the right track so that added practice is not just reinforcing bad habits.  For this reason, the Killington Learn to Ski or Ride program is set up to provide for three lessons, as well as future incentives for the continuing practice that will cement your new found skills in place.

The way that Killington packages their Learn to Ski or Ride program, you pay $199.00 and get the first two group lessons (class size maximum of 5), lift tickets, and equipment rental. When you have completed the first two lessons, you get a third lesson, lift ticket, and equipment rental for free.  After you have completed the third lesson, you get a free lift ticket for your fourth visit, and finally, you are issued a Killington Learner’s Permit that entitles you to 50% off the retail prices for lift tickets, lessons, or equipment rental through the end of the 2013/2014 season.  Wow!  Think about it.  This is an incredible opportunity to learn to ski or ride.  Of course, you may become addicted to the sport.  Killington would be happy to count you as a continuing customer, and we hope you’ll make the October Country Inn your home away from home.