Fall foliage colors seen from Pomfret Rd.

Fall splendor alongside Pomfret Road.

Fall is here, and the colorful foliage that Vermont is known for is close to full bloom at the October Country Inn.  Everybody wants to be here during the “peak,” when the colors are the brightest.  But “peak” is a moving target.  Generally, “peak” foliage colors move from north to south, and from higher elevations to lower elevations.  Given this movement, the best strategy for viewing fall colors is to drive around Vermont back roads.

Drive around Vermont back roads.

Map of the Pomfret, Cloudland Roads loop

Pomfret and Cloudland roads loop.

Another reason to drive around is that you will often find that stands of vibrant colored foliage occur in pockets–you’ll drive around a corner and be stunned with a burst of color that will take your breath away.

There are many little known Vermont back road routes in this area to choose from.  Just wander around, don’t be afraid to take dirt roads, most are in great shape and will reward the adventurous sightseer with an endless series of postcard quality views.

One such route just outside of Woodstock, is to take Pomfret Road to the top of Galaxy Hill and Cloudland Road back down.   Begin this 15 mile route at the Billings Farm on Route 12 just north of Woodstock.

Pomfret, Cloudland Rd. loop directions:

Sleepy hollow farm

Sleepy Hollow Farm alongside Cloudland Road.

Driving north out of Woodstock on Route 12, go past the Billings Farm where it intersects with River Road.  Less than a mile further, leave Route 12 by taking the “Y” to the right onto Pomfret Road.  About 2 miles further, Look for the Teago Store.  Follow Pomfret Road by turning right at the Teago Store and  wind up the hill for a couple of miles.  Just before the top, next to an apple orchard, take Galaxy Hill Road to the right.  This short dirt Vermont back road passes some impressive real estate before intersecting with Cloudland Road.  Take Cloudland Road to the right and begin down this dirt road.  The Appalachian Trail crosses near the top.  Keep on Cloudland Road until it intersects with River Road.  Turn right at River Road and arrive back at Billings Farm and Route 12.

Be adventurous.

There are many such routes in the area.  This will give you a flavor of what to expect.  Be adventurous.