A growing mazeIf you’re planning a trip to our neck of Vermont’s woods this weekend, you’re in luck.  Besides the opportunity to stay at the October Country Inn, you’ll have the truly unique opportunity to wander around a Vermont farm that is festooned with interesting and unusual outdoor sculpture is at hand–Woodstock Sculpture Fest 2012.  This year Woodstock Sculpture Fest will be a two exhibition event.  On Saturday, July 28, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., the opening event, “Poetry on the Land” will be held at King Farm, with a special viewing of Bonnie Gale’s “Living Willow” installed on the adjoining Prosper Road site.  The Prosper Road venue hosts Sculputre Fest’s second stage, themed “Living Art.”

King Farm is a little known treasure.

Snarling dog skeletons hanging from the side of a barnThe King Farm, site of Sculpture Fest’s July event, is an exceptional example of a 19th-century Vermont hill farm that still has most of its original buildings intact.  The property includes 154 acres of farm and forest land.  It borders the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller Historic National Park.  It’s also close to the October Country Inn.  The King Farm was a bequest to the Vermont Land Trust. Francisca King Thomas donated the land in 1986.  The farm is in the process of being incorporated into the M-B-R National Park.  This ensures that this property is properly maintained.  It also ensures that the land is preserved for ongoing public enjoyment.

Metallic overside maple seed podsWoodstockm Sculpture Fest 2012 will host the works of more than 20 local artists.  The works range from forged steel, sound installations, ceramic sculpture, welded sculpture, mixed media three dimensional work, mosaic, wood sculpture, transformed found objects, and more.  A workshop by John Bieling is planned.

Unusual sculptures abound.

Oriental woman balancing a sack of grain on her headKing Farm is located at the end of King Farm Road.  From the October Country Inn, follow Route 4 east for about 5 miles.  As you enter West Woodstock, at the intersections with Prosper Road and Rose Hill Road, veer left onto Rose Hill Road, than left on King Farm Rd.

The Prosper Road venue is located at 509 Prosper Road.  Instead of taking Rose Hill Road, turn left on Prosper Road.  This venue is located on the left, about 1/2 mile up the road.   A footpath also connects King Farm to the Prosper Road venue.