Upper Buttermilk Falls

When at the October Country Inn (check us out) Buttermilk Falls is a well known destination for those hot Summer days.  Buttermilk Falls offers locals and visitors alike the chance to cool off in the Branch Brook, without having to fork over an entrance fee.   Many people have cooled off in the Buttermilk Falls since they were little kids and now bring their grandchildren.

Middle Buttermilk Falls


Buttermilk Falls consists of three separate waterfalls, spread out over .2 of a mile of the river. The lower falls, a set of cascades about 8 feet high, lacks a pool of any significance.  The middle falls is about 20 feet high and be quite dramatic during times of high-water volume. It flows into a 25 foot wide pool that is deep enough for complete submersion.  The upper falls is segmented into two flows about 12 and 15 feet high respectively.  Both falls flow into a large swimming pool with clear water and a pebble covered bottom.

The State of Vermont, through the Vermont Rivers Conservancy, purchased the land around the falls when it came up for sale.  Over 60 private individuals and businesses contributed to the purchase.  In order to preserve this unique river resource, the site has come under Vermont’s Department of Parks and Recreation.  Buttermilk Falls is cared for by the staff from Camp Plymouth State Park during the summer months.


Lower Buttermilk Falls

The get to Buttermilk Falls from the October Country Inn, go South on Route 100A about 6 miles to the intersection with Route 100.  Turn left, and follow Route 100 North for about 10 miles to the intersections with Route 103.  Turn right.   Buttermilk Falls Road is almost immediately on your right.  Parking areas stretch out along the last half-mile of this dead end road.