About Local Knowledge

Edie and I are Vermont matchmakers in the sense that we try to match whatever interest our guests may have with an appropriate museum, hike, cycling route, scenic drive, swimming hole, shopping opportunity, local artisanal cheese maker, sugar house, historic site, restaurant, or any countless number of other things of interest about Vermont.

Chuck and Edie ready for the winter.

Chuck and Edie in their winter plumage.

Vermont is unique in a number of different ways.  Although the entire population is just north of one-half million, there’s a population in excess of 50 million within 200 miles of the state’s borders.  Vermont is an island of calm in a sea of hustle and bustle.

The geography of Vermont fosters a way of life.  The Green Mountains run down the middle and divide the state into the Connecticut River Valley to the east, and the Champlain Valley to the west.  In between are scores of narrow river valleys with mountain towns and villages scattered throughout the forested hills.  This creates a loose isolation that seems to attract and engender an independent, entrepreneurial approach to life.

This approach is why Vermont has the highest per capita number of artisans and craftspersons of any other state.  Traditional New England farm families have embraced the  emerging “slow food” movement and offer an ever-increasing selection of farmstead products.  Besides the interesting and unique things that Vermonters are producing,  the abundance of hardwood forest, clear streams, quiet lakes, and lightly traveled country roads that link it all together make Vermont hard to resist if you like to let raw nature wash over you whether you’re on foot, peddling a bicycle, paddling a canoe or kayak, riding a motorcycle, a snowmobile, or driving a car.

Visit us here at the October Country Inn.  Maybe we can can help you learn something about Vermont while you’re here.  –Chuck and Edie Janisse